Monday, April 23, 2012


UAlbany men’s basketball guards Gerardo Suero and Logan Aronhalt are both leaving UAlbany to begin a new chapter in their lives. Aronhalt is looking to earn a master’s in kinesiology and unfortunately the University does not have a master’s in that field or similar to it, so he will begin his search for a school that does. Suero is looking to start his professional career a year early in which he has begun that process by filing for the 2012 National Basketball Association Draft.
“I am looking to pursue a professional career right now in my life whether it be in the NBA or overseas”, said Gerardo Suero about his future. “I just wanted to thank coach (Will Brown) for everything he has taught me up to this point. He was the one who was recruiting me when everyone else was not. I also want to thank the coaching staff and the players, especially, for helping get to where I am right now.”
“I knew when I recruited Gerardo that he had a strong desire to play professional basketball. He feels that he is ready to take the next step”, said head coach Will Brown on Suero departing. “We have talked about the pros and cons of his decision. He has the support of his mother and father and it is my job to continue to help him achieve his goals. We are waiting to hear back from the NBA Advisory Committee. He is in good academic standing and attending classes on a regular basis. He had a tremendous year for us and has the type of offensive game that will allow him to be successful at the next level”.
“In looking toward the future, it was in my best interest to choose education over playing”, said Logan Aronhalt about leaving UAlbany. “My goal right now is to get a master’s in exercise science and unfortunately they (the University at Albany) do not offer a master’s for that or similar to it. I am currently looking to find a school that is suitable for me to receive that master. Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone that I have played with and the coaching staff as well and wish them the best of luck for next season”.
“Logan is a great young man who has enjoyed success on the court and in the classroom”, said coach Brown on Aronhalt moving forward. “He has battled injuries throughout his career and that has made him think twice about his future moving forward. He is a very ambitious young man and has expressed his desire to continue his education and receive a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Unfortunately we do not have an Exercise Science Program at Albany. Logan and I are working closely to find a school where he will be able to pursue a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Logan has been a pleasure to coach and will be successful moving forward.