Monday, August 12, 2013

Stony Brook, Hofstra, and the CAA....

Interview archive:
When given the chance, journalists love to speculate. Turn on ESPN or open Sports Illustrated, and chances are, you will see just as much speculation as you do fact.
True to form, when the Colonial Athletic Association rumor mill began spinning last year, journalists and fans alike up and down the East Coast began speculating about the fate of commissioner Tom Yeager and the CAA.
Would the CAA be able to withstand the loss of Virginia Commonwealth, Old Dominion, George Mason and Georgia State? College of Charleston was a nice add, but would Davidson join the group? Who else would the CAA consider as a possible addition? Would James Madison and William & Mary — two cornerstones of the league — jump ship as well? Would the CAA’s football and basketball leagues be able to coexist peacefully under the same formula?
While some of those questions remain to be answered (looking at you, JMU), others have been answered as a result of emails uncovered through a Freedom of Information Act request. We now know for certain — without any speculation — that the conference heavily courted Davidson, Elon, Stony Brook and Albany (as all-sports members) among others.
One of the most interesting (and unexpected) things we learned was how Hofstra president Stuart Rabinowitz steadfastly opposed the addition of Stony Brook as an all-sports member. After receiving a recommendation to pursue membership for Davidson, Elon and Stony Brook, Rabinowitz announced his displeasure with the report in an email to the CAA presidents.
As a blog primarily focused on William & Mary, we were initially unaware of the rivalry and history between Hofstra and Stony Brook. The section of the story concerning Hofstra and Stony Brook has caused a mini-firestorm on Long Island, where both schools reside. The long-held speculation that Hofstra was blocking Stony Brook from entering the CAA — and theoretically competing for the same media attention — now has some serious validity.
Our own Jared Foretek, a native New Yorker himself, recently appeared on WUSB Sports Radio to discuss the Hofstra/Stony Brook revelation. Take a listen to Jared’s radio appearance to learn more about the situation and for a more in-depth discussion on the CAA and its expansion efforts.